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Herbal Beverage Ba Zhen with Jujube

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RM 376.00
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RM 376.00
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RM 545.00

Irregular menstrual flows, abdomen and lower back cramps, dizziness, lacking of energy, poor sleeping quality - STOP accepting these symptoms as normal, your periods shouldn't be in this pattern.

Ba Zhen are Traditional Chinese Medicine recipe made from a blend of Qi and Blood nourishing Chinese herbs used to help regulate irregular menstrual flows/cycles, improve Qi, replenish blood and help provide relief from cold hands and feet due to Qi & Blood deficiency.

Conveniently packaged in single-serving, ready-to-drink sachets, tear and sip is all you need to enjoy its nourishing benefits. No more hourly boiling and awful herbal-ish taste like the traditional Ba Zhen tonic.

Traditional formulation with modern innovation that designed to improve your period-health effectively and naturally.

*Notes: Best before 31st-Oct-2023

KKM Approved


100% Plant Based

Deliciously Tasty

Proven Support